Castle owner leaps into action to save baby fawn’s life – North West Evening Mail

Castle owner leaps into action to save baby fawn’s life – North West Evening Mail

2 June 2016 3:30PM

THE owners of a top tourist attraction have been thrust into a new age of parenthood after saving the life of a newborn fawn.
A knock on the door of historic Muncaster Castle signalled the start of a new era for owners Peter and Iona Frost-Pennington as they welcomed a new bundle of joy into their iconic home.
Late last Monday evening, a lady knocked on the door of the castle to tell practised vet, Mr Frost-Pennington, that her car had hit a roe deer on a nearby road.
The deer, which was also heavily pregnant, was badly injured so Mr Frost-Pennington took a life-saving decision that gave a tragic story a happier ending.
He said: “It was a tragedy. Her mum was hit by a car and a local lady told us about her so we decided to help.
“She was so badly injured but where there’s life there’s hope.”
Seeing the extent of the deer’s injuries, Mr Frost-Pennington decided to put her to sleep before performing a quick emergency caesarean and delivering a tiny roe fawn.
Expecting no joy, the pair were delighted when, after a few minutes, the tiny creature gave a little gasp and began to breathe. 
Named Twiggy after her long, slender legs, Mr and Mrs Frost-Pennington decided to adopt the fawn, who is beginning to thrive in her stunning new home.
Mr Frost-Pennington said: “She’s beautiful. The first three or four days were a real struggle, getting up to do feeds at 4am which was like turning back the clock

[to parenthood].”
Now just over a week old, Twiggy is getting used to her new surroundings and is heading out into the grounds to explore what her new home has to offer.
Learning to skip around the castle’s beautiful grounds, Twiggy is now coming on leaps and bounds and her new parents are marvelling at her acute natural instincts.
Mr Frost-Pennington said: “She’s gorgeous and the best hide-and-seek player I’ve ever come across – and Grandmother’s footsteps.
“And she has this beautiful dappled coat.”
Having bonded with her adoptive parents, the orphan fawn is never far away but Mr and Mrs Frost-Pennington are determined to put the welfare of this wild creature first.
Mr Frost-Pennington said: “She’s absolutely lovely but we’re trying to keep her wild if we can.
“We love her to bits. We don’t know what her long term future will be but we hope she will remain here.”
“We want to do the best for her. Muncaster – as well as being about people – is about conservation.”

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Peter FP & Twiggy roe deer

Photos by John Story June 1st 2016

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