Alice Tyson charity sleepover November 29th 2008

Alice Tyson charity sleepover November 29th 2008

8 of us stayed in the Tapestry Room to raise money for a little girl called Alice Tyson aged 4 from Carlisle who suffers from a rare skin disorder.

Our start tour evening was magical! It was a cold, crisp, frosty night.  The sky was beautiful with millions of stars shining bright.

We arrived at the entrance of the church.  We had company! The door to the church would not open and appeared locked from inside.  When we finally got inside we discovered a Glaswegian all snug and sleeping inside!! Overall once in our sleeping bags inside the Tapestry Room we had a fairly quiet night – apart from . . . . .  Despite it being a very still night there was a significant  fluctuation in the room temperature and a breeze could be felt across the face.

Cameras stopped working and recording and various images have been captured with strange vertical and horizontal lights across the images.  These formed coloured lines.  We have also taken footage of 3 people laying in their sleeping bags in front of the window and there appears to be a misty figure move in front of the window.  We are all convinced that the chair by the door has moved to face the bed.  One brave member of our party slept in the bed but nothing reported.  Some have heard a short spell of music playing along with a groan! Two of the girls who slept next to each other have blamed each other for saying “Oh No” in a soft girls voice.  At about 2am there was a very strange smell!  It was unusual, like death, like something rotten.

The whole party synchronized awakening for no apparent reason.  A couple of members of the party have seen small twinkling lights and a white circle on the mantle piece.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Muncaster.  Peter made us all very welcome.  The breakfast in the morning was out of this world!!!

Thank you so much for a wonderful and unique experience, we are looking forward to returning in the future.

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