At 11.40 Sue saw a dark shadow going down the corridor.

At 12.05 two small orbs were seen by Julie & Sue.

At 12.15 Karen & Sue saw a white outline about three feet tall peeping around the bed post.

At 1.15 – camcorder stopped working.  Battery is dead although it was full charged last night.

At 1.30 Sue went to say hello to Toms portrait, Karen & Andrea heard like a laugh in response!

At around 2.45 some of us heard a few bangs like a metal bucket being placed on the floor.  Also some sounds like furniture being scraped have been heard.

At 12.00 Andrea’s face started burning down her left hand side while sitting in the chair nearest the door.  Karen later experience the same thing when she sat here.

Between 6 and 7 am Julie felt the bed vibrate.

We all work at Wilkinsons in Workington and we were doing this for the Charity Antony Nolan which is the chosen charity of the year.  We have all had a brilliant time.  Thank you.