Bannatyne’s Health Club for Children in Need 14th November 2007

Bannatyne’s Health Club for Children in Need 14th November 2007

All in all a brilliant night, gardens, stories and castle were all amazing… along with some eerie goings on. Scott

It was great, out in the dark to begin with , that really set the scene for what happen in the Tapestry room… My experience really made me believe that there is something on the other side. All I could hear was crying and opened my eye into the dark room and saw a glowing in the corner, only for about 4-5 seconds, before the girls woke up crying and screaming. Lights were turned on and the glowing stopped. And I was sleeping in the bed…. Really great experience   Ross.

Fantastic stay, very exciting and experienced a lot throughout the night. From the moment I entered the room (tapestry room) I felt a severe headache and started to cry. Within the night we recorded sound and visual material, positive we will have captured good footage. As the rest of the group fell asleep, I felt that I was being watched the constantly and had to leave at 4am.  Anthony

The building is amazing I was the 1st to rest on the bed in the tapestry room. At this point nothing happened I went out to the landing to ask Tom to play some pranks on people but nothing happened. Once I was slept I was out for night. I would stay in on my own in the tapestry room.  Chris

What a night, fantastic stay! Walking around the grounds before we went into the room was good but always looking behind at every step. When we got into the room and have a bit of a laugh but then it was time to settle down. I drifted off while everyone else was talking. A couple of hours later around 3.45, I was woken up by Amy because she had heard a baby crying. I wanted to drift back off in case it happened again. The clock struck 4am, and then around 15 minutes later it happened again, both Amy and I lay listening to it then when it was over I broke down in tears, I couldn’t help it.  Steph

Awesome experience; felt privileged to be a part of the evening. Incredible building and fabulous stories told by Peter. I was blown away by the whole evening. Lizzie

A scary deed for Children in Need! It was an amazing experience that I am proud to say I’ve done, yet never again after first hearing children giggles from the right hand corner of the room I awoke 2 other group members then at 4.15am it turned to children crying yet listened to the whole thing before notifying anyone. Thank you so much.  Amy

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