Book of the Week

Book of the Week

Our Book of the Week is a Scrapbook of written verse, letters, newspaper articles and pictures dated during the 1850’s.

The Scrapbook was given to Louisa Therodorsia Pennington from Louisa Susanna Ramsden.

The Scrapbook includes:

A newspaper clipping announcing the 21st Birthday celebrations of Lord Muncaster – 1852.

An article describing the sailing of the paddle wheel steamship “Europa”.  On board troops departing Liverpool and Kingstown, Ireland to fight in the Crimean War – on board was Lord Muncaster – 1854.

Legends and Stories about “Tom Fool of Muncaster” taken down from Elizabeth Armstrong.

Read an account of a “Ball at Muncaster Castle” which took place on 25th September 1856.  The article explains how the carpets were lifted and the Library became a Ballroom for the event.

The Scrapbook is on display in the Library for this week.


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