Castle & Coachmans Experience 22nd October 2011

Castle & Coachmans Experience 22nd October 2011

The first time I toured the castle – which was in daylight, October 21st – a miracle occurred.

I suffer from chronic pain, especially in my abdomen (probably some nerve damage left over from minor surgery) and that day had started out with vicious, burning aches.  Yet the moment I entered the Tapestry Room, they vanished!  I experienced similar relief when touring that night in that room.

That’s how I came to believe that the Tapestry Room has unknown and untapped healing potential.  Possibly this may be due to the magnetic field(s), which I learned about during our ghost tour that night.  Magnetism, if I recall correctly, can in itself have healing power.  But it (healing) may also be due to the ghosts – whether one regards them as “energies left behind by a turbulent life and / or death” (as I do) or the literal, intelligent spirit of a person.

Although sceptical of the latter theory, I had a kind of revelation regarding the Tapestry Room.  If little Margaret (who died at age 11 due to “screaming fits”, which we’d call epilepsy, still cries in the night, it is because she feels sorry for those who are ill.  She wants to help and heal them!

I wonder if that room could become a place of healing, where sick people come to get well.  At least for temporary relief.

Also during the ghost tour, I sensed the presence of Mary Bragg, standing behind me, her right hand on my right shoulder.  At first she “broadcast” images of a hideous face – indeed, several hideous faces! – into my mind.  But I told the tour guide (Murray) that I think she’s basically a loving soul, one who died for being loved!  After that she only gave me gentle faces and loving thoughts.  It seemed she felt understood (probably not for the first time!).  We watched a video together for a while in the lounge on October 22!

I may also have had a visit (or visits) from Tom Skelton.  At night, the rattlings in our bathroom fan gets louder and more frequent.  At 2 – 2.30 am on October 22nd, I heard footsteps up and down the wooden staircase of the Coachman’s Quarters for at least 15 – 22 minutes.  The next day I was told no one had been there.  My digital camera spontaneously switched on and off while charging; or switched between cards as to which the internal or the SD was in use.  Such pranks!  I’d never seen a cameral do such things before.

Overall, a beautiful, magical, healing experience meeting ghosts!  I shall miss them when I go.

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