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What’s happening in the Castle – collections news, archive work, special exhibition updates, preparations for celebrations and private parties – the Castle team’s work is varied to say the least. Find out what’s new, what makes up our day – and what makes our day – here.

October 2016

Halloween is coming!

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Today we welcome to Muncaster Castle 1st year Drama Students from Cumbria University who will spend the next couple of weeks creating, developing and performing our Castle Halloween Tours which commence on Wednesday 26th October and will run until our last day on Monday 31st October. To set the scene, for each day of our Halloween Events [...]

Aren’t we the lucky ones!

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What a busy September we have had here in the Castle with a number of weddings, dinner parties and a visit by a group of ladies hosted by Phillipa Turnbull on their Lady Anne Textile Retreat.  The ladies were able to view some of Muncaster's fabulous Crewel Work collection and other extraordinary embroideries we have here a [...]

September 2016

NADFAS authorise volunteer project

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Just to follow on from our earlier post... We also had a group of volunteers from NADFAS ( National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies). We have just heard from NADFAS that they have authorised these Heritage Volunteers to partake in an ongoing  Care of Collections Volunteer Project whilst we work towards Accreditation. Angela Butcher, [...]

Extracts from the Diary of the Hon, Josslyn F. Pennington – Part 6

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This diary extract is regarding a Sunday afternoon:- "Went down to Kingstown, full of Sunday people swelling about in their best raiment.  Insulted Wolesley grievously by passing him by without speaking ... ... Saw Persse and Wolesley bathe in the sea; what a great bullet hole in him, got in Burmah.  A lion to fight he [...]

Extract from the Diary of the Hon. Josslyn F. Pennington – Part 5

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This extract from the diary is on his early progress in the 90th Light Infantry:- "I am now quite a Military gent, swagger and all.  Hate the Cavalry (Plungers) ... ... Moustache coming on nicely, black as jet (shall look very HANDSOME I expect)."

Extracts from the Diary of the Hon. Josslyn F. Pennington – part 4

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This extract taken from the Diary is describing some of his fellow officers. "Persse; Commonly called the Poor Fool, a good natured simpleton, like him much." "Danberry; A perfect simpleton but good natured very.  A great companion of mine." On describing himself:- "Self, reader, what you like.  Sensible I am very bad, foolish, but I [...]

Extracts from the Diary of the Hon Josslyn F. Pennington – part 3

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This diary extract was on learning Army discipline. "I soon got tired of my Military life and wished myself somewhere else.  I used to bother the lives out of the Drill-Sergeants, what with trailing my musket after me along the ground out of spite towards it.  How I hated it." "One had to run from [...]

Extracts From The Diary of Hon. Josslyn F. Pennington – Part 2

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This diary extract was on his first wearing of his Army uniform at St Patrick's Ball in Dublin. "I was so puffed up, I strutted about and shook Colonel Lindsay by the hand ... I was soon obliged to leave as my boots pinched me so much I could not walk about".  

Extracts From The Diary of The Hon. Josslyn F. Pennington – part 1.

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We have been enjoying transcribing a number of diaries, letter books, accounts and a large variety of other historical items here in the Castle and one of our guides has had a delightful time reading through and transcribing the diaries of Josslyn F. Pennington from January 1853 to August 1854. Josslyn Pennington became the 5th Lord Muncaster on [...]

August 2016

A very big “Thank You” to our fabulous Textile Volunteers.

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We have during August hosted a number of Textile Volunteers from as far afield as Somerset and London who spent their time conserving and caring for the amazing textile collection we have here at Muncaster Castle. Under the guidance of Jacqui Hyman and Phillipa Turnbull the ladies worked incredibly hard working on a variety of projects.  A [...]