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December 2016

WRT bird displays – update

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Following notice that falconry and similar displays are permitted, the Sky Hunters daily display is reinstated from Saturday 10th. The Owls By Moonlight event on 10th December has been cancelled and ticket holders offered transfer to Sunday 18th, which will now proceed, or a refund. We are required to cease our daily wild heron feed [...]

November 2016

Hawk & Owl Centre November 2016

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Things are starting to quieten down now after the festivities of Halloween. It was, as we expected, a mad week with thousands of people arriving at the gates to celebrate this incredible time of year for Muncaster. By far the best sight for me during that period is seeing the castle lit up against the [...]

October 2016

Volunteer Taster Afternoon 23rd Nov 12-3pm

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On Wednesday 23rd November we would like to invite you to Muncaster Castle for a Volunteer Taster Afternoon, to find out more about the amazing volunteer opportunities we have to offer. You can meet our Volunteer Co-ordinator plus representatives from the Hawk & Owl Centre, the Gardens and the Castle to hear more about our [...]

September – October 2016

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Working with animals can be one of the most rewarding jobs. Countless people have told me what a wonderful job I have and how lucky I am to have it and they’re right. I love working with these incredible birds and there’s rarely a bad day. When things are at their worst though they can [...]

July 2016

July 2016

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  It's amazing how quickly the season is passing. Before long we'll be back into the summer holidays 'silly season' which is just as well as the birds are flying fantastically at the moment. Alongside Herriot (about whom I should probably have a break from raving about - Last week. 600ft up. On a thermal [...]

June 2016

Hawk and Owl Centre – June 2016

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Because I watch the team of birds fly everyday I am in the immensely privileged position of seeing the small changes. The boosts in confidence the birds gain from seeing more and the progress they make. One such bird, whom I've mentioned many many times on my blog, is Herriot our Steppe Eagle. He's made constant [...]

May 2016

Endangered Species Day 2016 is May 20th

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Look out for daily news in the runup to Endangered Species Day about endangered species native to and represented here at Muncaster and what we can all do to help safeguard their future. Our hooded vultures are a prime example of how a species can be brought  to the brink of extinction entirely unintentionally, when [...]

March 2016

The Yellow-billed Kites return after the winter!

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After their winter in warmer climes (well, Andover anyway...)  the team of yellow billed kites will arrive back today to start training for the new season's Sky Hunters display. See our old blog for posts before this date.