Gardener’s Diary

Here’s the latest news from the gardeners at Muncaster, plus the archive of earlier posts about what’s been going off in and around the Castle’s gardens.

April 2016

Wildlife Pond dredging begins

Gardener's Diary|

The wildlife pond was so silted up following the winter's rainfall that we had to send in a digger to dredge it, or run the risk of it drying out altogether come the summer. The digger is on sunken duckboards to spread its weight on the pond bed and the dredgings were piled on the [...]

March 2016

Mysterious happenings on the Enchanted Trail

Gardener's Diary|

All happening down on the Enchanted Trail where the Little People (strangely equipped with wellies and High Vis jackets) have been working on the Toadstool Cottage.

Fairy Fort

Gardener's Diary|

Here’s the Fairy fort on the new Enchanted Trail. Pretty sprinkling of snow over everything this morning too.

February 2016

January 2016


Gardener's Diary, Latest News|

The forestry team take out a huge and sadly very dead silver fir ca 130 years old in the middle of the gardens. Bringing this down without trashing everything around it was a feat of considerable skill.