Haunted Muncaster Experiences

April 2016

Ghost Vigil 16th April 2016

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Another night.  Good fun, quite interesting.  There are no such things as orbs!! Or spirits!!  You’re all mad.  An enjoyable night at Muncaster, lovely experience.  Never saw anything, good fun and would do it again. An “interesting night”, some strange feelings in and near the tapestry room and on the stairs.  Would certainly come again. [...]

Ghost Vigil 15th April 2016

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Twas another wild and windy night ….  Again nothing to report.  I’m getting to old for this but at least I don’t look as bad as Ian Jason awoke with a serious case of bed head.  Now know why I shaved my head. A good night - enjoyed everything. Great night – worthwhile just to [...]

October 2015

Scientific Ghost Vigil 31st October 2015

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We loved the castle – felt really homely and friendly. The family are lovely and welcoming. Creak in the Library, footsteps on the stairs. Lovely location and would love to come back again.  Enjoyable and entertaining.  Thank you.  Didn’t have any experiences though to assist with your research.   Excellent evening – highly enjoyable and a [...]

Ghost Sit 3rd October 2015

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Arrived at 9 pm and were given the tour by Murray who was excellent.  Watch out for the great story about his hand  (well, not great for him).  Saw some amazing stars in the sky (never see that in the city).  The Castle is fascinating and beautiful.  We settled in about 10.30 pm and tried [...]

February 2015

Ghost Sit 13th February 2015

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Arrived at 8.30 ish met by Peter who started telling us about the owls before confidently strolling off into the darkness and starting telling us about the White Lady. Was looking forward to getting into the Castle because it was cold!  Once in the castle it was just as cold. Ha Ha!!  The Ghost Tour [...]

January 2015

Ghost Sit 23rd January 2015

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Had a really good night.  We experienced a few bangs, and what sounded like chairs being dragged along the floor, at about 2 am.  A little bit later on, we heard our door bang (loud).  Really scary but good experience! Thank you! We arrived around 8 pm, and we were met by Murray – he [...]

October 2014

Scientific Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite Halloween 31st Oct 2014

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Caught quite a few orbs in the dressing room on the camcorder, but nothing else – but we had a fab time in this beautiful castle.  Thank you.  Child-like footsteps outside the Bishops Room and chair moving outside Kings Room (sound of).  Tingling felt on Tapestry Room bed.  A brilliant experience, wonderful hosts – well [...]

August 2014

Ghost Sit 30th August 2014

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“Seven Do Muncaster Castle”.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful place!  Thank you Murray for the fascinating night walk and insight into the history of Muncaster and all its secrets. I could not sleep and felt cold throughout.  We did not have a ghostly experience but it was a real treat to be away with [...]

June 2014

Ghost Sit 21st June 2014

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Six of us arrived – we were welcomed into the blue room and Tapesty Room. The suitcase placed by the door in the blue room, went to retrieve the case it had moved to the side of the unit in the blue room. We all got into our sleeping bags. Dad slept on the bed, [...]

Ghost Sit 13th June 2014

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11:53 pm      - Room felt colder suddenly.  Rachel heard noises in the other room, something moving on the right of the bed.  12:34 am      -   Annette heard something like a moth crossing the wall above the large tapestry.  No one else saw it and no moth found. 12:41 am      -   Beeping sound, either coming from [...]