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Ghost Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 26th October 2013

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Had a great experience spending the night in the Castle, with thanks to Peter, Jason and Ian.  A few noises, rustles and shadows, steps and bangs heard (some explained, some not !!!!).  Really enjoyed being part of this research.  We all had a great time.  Had some experiences, and we hope to see you next [...]

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Coachmans Quarters Experience 8th February 2013

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Arrived at the Coachman’s Quarters at about 9.00 pm.  The lady that greeted us mentioned that they had only just re-opened and we were the only people staying that night.  I was watching telly at about midnight and heard voices – two ladies and a door shutting as if someone was arriving late with a [...]

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October 2012

Scientific Ghost Vigil 27th October 2012

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3rd vigil and still no bumps in the night! Great Night – but quiet and uneventful (unfortunately).  However, a unique opportunity to spend the night in a great location.  Good food, kind of enjoyable experience but unfortunately not at all scary and very quiet – not even the typical creaks and bumps you would expect [...]