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Ghost Sit 20th August 2012

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In the hallway by painting of Tom Fool heard heavy breathing from corridor.  Then settled down for the night in Tapestry Room.  Orbs on camera through the two rooms all night.  Heard crying in the Tapestry Room, heard footsteps in the corridor and shuffling, dragging feet heard from corridor.  Settle for bed, heard nothing for [...]

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Ghost Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 30th March 2012

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Thank you for a good vigil which my brother in law and I enjoyed on Friday 30th March.  We will be booking the next one nearer to October. We have conducted two vigils so far at Muncaster Castle under the guidance of Dr Jason Braithwaite.  We thoroughly enjoyed the vigils and found the whole experience [...]

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Castle & Coachmans Experience 22nd October 2011

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The first time I toured the castle – which was in daylight, October 21st – a miracle occurred. I suffer from chronic pain, especially in my abdomen (probably some nerve damage left over from minor surgery) and that day had started out with vicious, burning aches.  Yet the moment I entered the Tapestry Room, they [...]