Haunted Muncaster Experiences

July 2011

April 2011

February 2011

Ghost Sit 11th February 2011

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Thanks for a brilliant experience.  Murray was an excellent guide.  Quiet night, but heard a loud knock, footsteps and a freezing cold draught on face which disappeared.  Staff in kitchen very friendly and helpful.  Camera stopped working although fully charged. After two cancelled trips (both due to snow) finally made it here for Jude’s belated [...]

October 2010

Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 31st October 2010 (Halloween)

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Absolutely nothing – again I had a wonderful nigh.t I personally witnessed several different “Phenomena” throughout all areas of all zones (apart from the library) Would love to get more involved.  Thanks to Jason & Ian and all at Muncaster. Les 2 petits francais du groupe ont passé une agréeable soirée avec leur groupe bien [...]

Vigil with Dr Jason Braithwaite 30th October 2010

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Did the vigil with Jason Braithwaite.  Heard plenty of bumps in the night – all explained though!  Had a great night.  Thanks very much. Took  part in the vigil with Jason and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Whilst sitting in the Great Hall at around 11.30, we were delighted to hear the familiar footfall of paws!  [...]

September 2010

Antony Nolan Trust charity ghost sit 30th September 2010

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At 11.40 Sue saw a dark shadow going down the corridor. At 12.05 two small orbs were seen by Julie & Sue. At 12.15 Karen & Sue saw a white outline about three feet tall peeping around the bed post. At 1.15 – camcorder stopped working.  Battery is dead although it was full charged last [...]

August 2010