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February 2017

Read Falconer Emma’s Article

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Our own Emma McLachlan was interviewed about vulture conservation and her work at Muncaster for The Female Falconers' Club. A transcript is below, or have a look at the original post here  Nature's Clean Up Crew by Emma McLachlan I stand in a beautiful wildflower meadow, the bumblebees are working hard and the summer chatter [...]

Volunteer Week 6th-10th March

Castle Curators Diary, Latest News|

Just a heads-up that we're having a Volunteer Week during w/c 6th March, for current volunteers and for anyone who's interested to come along and meet us. This is for spring-cleaning mostly, ahead of the Castle opening for the main season. Please contact Bron or Sharon at the Castle (01229 717614 or via info[at]

Rocking Horse Renovations

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Here is Angela the amazing upholsterer, who has been working on various upholstery projects at the Castle over the last while, doing more amazing heritage restoration work on one of several antique rocking horses here. Originally designed to teach children how to ride, this one is very old. It was in poor repair having [...]

News from the Library refurb

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Following the scratch coat on the laths, we have repaired all the cracks in the ceiling and washed down the ceiling and walls. The ceiling has now nearly had 2 coats of paint (painted by Daniel, Iona, Chris Accola (Prince’s Foundation) and myself), and is looking amazing. [...]

January 2017

Maintenance in the Library

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Winter closing is all too short a window for the scale of some of the maintenance jobs we undertake at Muncaster. This winter we have been redecorating in the Library plus repairing some failed plaster, which was threatening to come crashing down, up in the library's gallery.If 'redecorating' prompts thoughts of stepladders and the odd dustsheet, [...]

DO see this wedding video

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We're always pleased and touched when couples marrying at Muncaster and their photographers and videographers share their wedding images and footage with us. It's so much more realistic for us to show real weddings on our website, social media and printed material than staged shots. However, we were particularly struck by Jon Bird's video of Simon [...]