News and updates about Twiggy, roe fawn born by Caesarean after her mother was killed in a road accident and being raised by hand at Muncaster by Iona and Peter Frost Pennington.

November 2016

TwiggyLog update November 2016

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For those of you following Twiggy's story, we thought we should give you an update at the end of this long season. There's something of a line to be drawn in this tale now, although we hope there will still be news of Twiggy in the future. These pictures were taken 19th November, with Twiggy [...]

Twiggy in Whitehaven News

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Twiggy, a roe deer fawn saved by the owners of Muncaster Castle, featured in an article in the Whitehaven News as she gets ready to go it alone. Peter Frost-Pennington, a qualified vet, delivered the fawn after her mother was hit by a car in May. Named Twiggy after her long, slender legs, she has [...]

July 2016

TwiggyLog5 posted 24th July

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Twiggy the Roe Deer Fawn: TwiggyLog Number 5 posted 24th July 2016 by Peter Frost Pennington (Twiggy 6 to 8 weeks old in these photographs) Twiggy is now 2 months old and doing well. A day after she was born on the 23rd May by emergency C-section within minutes of the death of her [...]

Twiggy still making good progress (July 1st 2016)

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Just a quick update for those following her story -Twiggy the orphan roe deer fawn is still making good progress and growing well (though still shorter than the long grass!). Look out for another 'TwiggyLog' soon or  read earlier news about Twiggy.

June 2016

TwiggyLog 4, posted 14th June 2016

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Keep in step, Mum! Twiggy the Roe Deer Fawn - Peter Frost Pennington Twiggy is 16-19 days old in these photographs. First experience of rain Another week has rushed by and Twiggy continues to flourish. She now weighs 4Kg and stands 45cm tall at the shoulder with 30cm long [...]

Twiggy at two weeks old – 7th June 2016

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TwigLog 3 - by Peter Frost Pennington Wow - what a week that was! Many high points and one or two lows. The main news is – Twiggy is doing really well. Leaps and bounds in fact, so much so it is hard to keep up with her at times. She is now 2 [...]

May 2016

Twiggy at a week old

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By Peter Frost Pennington on 31st May. Twiggy hit the news on Radio Cumbria early on Sunday morning and since then lots of people have been asking after her. She’s doing really well. After a dodgy first few days of life, she is now suckling strongly on her own and feeding times are less stressful [...]

Time for breakfast – Twiggy at one day old

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Twiggy the rescued roe deer fawn wobbling off for breakfast at dawn, at just one day old.

Twiggy the roe deer fawn – a cloud with a silver lining

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From Peter Frost Pennington Iona & I thought we’d finished with parenting youngsters now our 3 have fledged, left the nest and even got jobs! However, a knock on the door late last Monday evening changed all that.  A local lady, quite agitated, had hit a roe deer on the road outside Muncaster. Badly injured, [...]