CFM Winners Ghost Sit 10th November 2007

CFM Winners Ghost Sit 10th November 2007

Enjoy the ghost tour with Sadie. Very interesting to learn some of the history behind castle and grounds. When first entered tapestry room found it was a very heavy room. I slept in the bed or should I say didn’t sleep. Felt an ice cold spot on right side of face and felt short of breath and had a fuzzy headand generally uneasy and unwell.  We also had the bedroom door bang closed when Emma was at the toilet. I thought I saw a shadow of Tom Fool go up the corridor towards his portrait when the door opened. Emma and I heard what we thought was a baby’s cry but only for seconds. Very enjoyable experience would come again.  Tracey.

Sat on bed for first time did not like feeling I got. Later sat on with Tracey and Emma felt cold spot on left knee.  Lesley.

Considering I can’t watch Crimewatch I really enjoyed the experience at Muncaster Castle. Bit scared going on ghost tour but there we go, I’m scared of my own shadow. We stayed in the tapestry room it was absolutely freezing. Heard a few noises not sure if that was just in my head. The door slamming , well we think that could have been “Tom” playing games! Overall fantastic time.   S Dickinson

I really enjoyed the whole experience, Muncaster is beautiful. I felt sick whole night but every time I left the room I felt fine. I had a freezing cold breeze on my face. Also thought I heard crying but it was so quick I wasn’t sure. But it was amazing.

E Morris

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