I recently stayed in the Coachman’s Quarters for 3 days for my cousins wedding.  I wanted to explain the experience I had in the Stable Yard and bedroom 2.  I am a smoker so was outside one night in the dark alone when I could hear someone walking towards me very loudly.  Scared I put out my cigarette and went back inside as there was no one there.  My last night in the Coachman’s Quarters, I was in room 2.  I could not sleep as there were loud bangs on the walls and I was sure someone was walking around the room, at one point it was like someone had sat on the end of my bed so I curled up in a ball very scared.  After a while I stretched out and it happened again.  I had drunk some wine at the wedding but was no way drunk.  When we were packing our cars in the morning I was chatting to one of the staff and I told her of my experience she said were you in room 2 as we have heard similar things from other people. Well with this I went cold.  I must say I had a wonderful time staying with you all at Muncaster but I will say it will be my last stay in a castle.  My nerves can’t take it.  Thanks for reading and a wonderful time.  Take care, thanks