Continuing archival work at Muncaster Castle

Continuing archival work at Muncaster Castle

Our exciting and interesting work has been continuing over the past couple of months after we have reopened to daily visitors.

Our main priority is to ensure that our visitors have an enjoyable and informative visit to the Castle, however we are also able to continue our various archival works that includes cataloguing, transcribing and archiving.  We hope that by doing this work while we are open to the public we can share and discuss this work with any interested visitor and allow visitors to possibly see items from the collection not always on public display.  The items we are working with at the moment include clothing – we are currently producing Condition Reports for a collection of beautifully embroidered white cotton Victorian Christening Gowns, photographs that are being catalogued and letters, diaries and account books that are being transcribed.

Of course, we are helped greatly with this work with the assistance of our wonderful and dedicated volunteers.

Within our next posts, we would like to describe in little further detail the work we are currently undertaking and we also hope that you may be able to help us out.   We are compiling a list of 17th/18th Century Blacksmith / Carpentry terms that we are struggling to find definitions for and we hope that you may be able to help.  We hope to have our first list posted within the next week.

If you can provide us with any further information about the terms we list, or have any comments or any information regarding Muncaster, its history or pass residents or staff, you can contact us by using the following email address:  curator@


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