Extracts From The Diary of The Hon. Josslyn F. Pennington – part 1.

Extracts From The Diary of The Hon. Josslyn F. Pennington – part 1.

We have been enjoying transcribing a number of diaries, letter books, accounts and a large variety of other historical items here in the Castle and one of our guides has had a delightful time reading through and transcribing the diaries of Josslyn F. Pennington from January 1853 to August 1854.

Josslyn Pennington became the 5th Lord Muncaster on the death of his elder brother, Gamel Augustus Pennington in 1862.

For the following few weeks we are going to add to our Castle Diary a number of extracts from these diaries and hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we have.

Extract – Written while on the journey by ferry and rail to Dublin to join his regiment – The 90th Light Infantry – and begin his Military training.

“Oh, then the looking after portmanteaus was frightful.  I found mine by its being such a bad one, nobody else would take it”.

“Porters handled my portmanteaus and carpet-bag and I, striving to keep them both in view at the same time, followed expostulating about the value of my linen and clothing but to no effect”.

“All the answer I got was ‘Arr yer Honour, ain’t it to Dublyn y’re goin?'”.

“We proceeded into Dublin where I was unceremoniously bundled into a horrible square looking box cart, on two wheels so that when I got in, the whole machine went down and the shafts up.  It must have been originally intended for the conveyance of criminals from prison to the gallows, such a monstrous instrument of locomotion is it!”


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