Extracts from letters to Sir John Ramsden – con’t

Extracts from letters to Sir John Ramsden – con’t

Letter dated 5th January 1916.

“My old Darling pet,

I got a wire from you this morning sent off by you on the 2nd saying you had not had any of my wires.  I am so sorry.  I wired to you directly I got your wire saying you had arrived.  It arrived on the 28th.  I sent off all your underclothes (29th) at least 4 pairs drawers, 4 vests, 6 pair socks, 6 handkerchiefs etc.  I do hope they will arrive soon.  It is maddening, maddening the wires not reaching you …

I have wired to wish you very many happy returns of your birthday the day after tomorrow. I hope you will wire and say whether you have got any of these …

I do hope they will soon catch these submarines – I sent you two pairs of new thin breeches yesterday C/o Cox’s.  I expect some of my letters went down in the Persia as I don’t suppose you will let me come till they have .  I have got a passport but I believe they will not let you land in Egypt without written consent …

I imagine you and your Yeomanry were left as rearguard in Gallipoli as your division arrived in Egypt about a week before.  My old pet, if I had known about it I should have been too horribly anxious about you.

Best of love my old darling,

Your loving wife.”


“The Sinking of The Persia
The Persia left Tilbury Docks on 18th December 1915 heavily loaded with parcels and post (no war materials).  After calling at Gibraltar and Marseilles, the Persia headed to the Suez Canal on route to India.

The Persia was sunk on 30th December 1915, south-east of Crete by a German submarine U-38 which had not issued a warning to the ship before opening fire.

Out of about 500 people on board, 334 were lost including 60 women and children.



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