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  • TwiggyLog update November 2016

    TwiggyLog update November 2016

    For those of you following Twiggy's story, we thought we should give you an update at the end of this long season. There's something of a line to be drawn in this tale now, although [...]

  • Hawk & Owl Centre November 2016

    Hawk & Owl Centre November 2016

    Things are starting to quieten down now after the festivities of Halloween. It was, as we expected, a mad week with thousands of people arriving at the gates to celebrate this incredible time of year [...]

  • Fiery colours abound this November

    Fiery colours abound this November

    As a team the gardeners are uniquely placed to see the beautiful place in which we work in all its many guises as the seasons roll around and the ever-changing Western Lake District weather springs [...]

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