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  • Twiggy in the snowdrops

    Twiggy in the snowdrops

    By Peter Frost Pennington, 17th February 2017 Here's Twiggy, this lovely misty morning at Muncaster. She's doing well and still very much around the gardens, although you need to know where to look. I can [...]

  • Read Falconer Emma’s Article

    Read Falconer Emma’s Article

    Our own Emma McLachlan was interviewed about vulture conservation and her work at Muncaster for The Female Falconers' Club. A transcript is below, or have a look at the original post here  Nature's Clean Up [...]

  • Volunteer Week 6th-10th March

    Volunteer Week 6th-10th March

    Just a heads-up that we're having a Volunteer Week during w/c 6th March, for current volunteers and for anyone who's interested to come along and meet us. This is for spring-cleaning mostly, ahead of the [...]

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