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  • LandArt Practitioner Workshop

    Landart Practitioners’ Workshop now 28th October

    Now rescheduled for Saturday 28th October! An unmissable opportunity for all inspired by art in nature to work with acclaimed Land Artist Richard Shilling in Muncaster's woodland gardens: find out more about this workshop.

  • Hawk and Owl Centre – September 2017

    Swifts, Barn Swallows and Martins have all gone. Corvids and starlings are grouping up. Fieldfares and Redwings are eating berries. Leaves are turning a crisp burnt caramel. This can only mean one thing; autumn is officially [...]

  • Muncaster Hawk & Owl Centre

    Hawk and Owl Centre – August 2017

    Another month flown by, another busy one in the Hawk and Owl Centre! Most small humans will be starting to return to school in a week which means that we'll start to be a little [...]

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