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  • Maintenance in the Library

    Maintenance in the Library

    Winter closing is all too short a window for the scale of some of the maintenance jobs we undertake at Muncaster. This winter we have been redecorating in the Library plus repairing some failed plaster, [...]

  • Sausage Festival – Exhibitors Invited

    Sausage Festival – Exhibitors Invited

    The Sausage Festival is 29th April - 1st May (May Day Bank Holiday weekend). The lineup is taking shape but we've got space for more exhibitors, so please get in touch if you would like [...]

  • We’re hiring!

    We’re hiring!

    We need a full-time falconer for the Hawk & Owl Centre, plus also a seasonal falconer to cover the Easter-October period. See more info plus how to apply.

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