Ghost Sit 10th January 2009

Ghost Sit 10th January 2009

Walk and tour very pleasant from Sadie.  Nothing truly spooky happened at this point.  Once we settled in the Tapestry Room, the first spooky thing that happened was that ALL of Jeanette’s batteries (all fully charged) lost their power so she couldn’t take any photos – 3 sets of batteries!  Each battery went dead the minute it was put in the camera.

Angela, our most susceptible member of the group, took early photo which showed orbs above picture by window.  Nothing really happened after that until Mick moved into the room next door and at 1.40am there was an almighty howl of wind in the toilet which woke him, he sat up and there was a high pitch ringing in his ears which everyone in the Tapestry Room also experienced.  Mick was the only one in the other room when the next Tapestry room experience happened..

Greg had just dozed off but woke up to see a dark shape no bigger than 2’ wide above the door which he immediately thought he’d imagined, but the shape shot straight along the ceiling and as it came closer it took a more human form – eye sockets could be seen and it became a more translucent shape as it approached the corner by the picture by the window, it stopped there and vanished.  Unfortunately Greg only shouted out once the shape had disappeared.  This was 2.54am then Jeanette and Angela went next door and Mick returned.  As they were sitting on the bed, Jeanette looked toward the mirror and saw a dark shadow move from right to left across the mirror then looked to the curtain area and nothing was there.  She then curled up, shut her eyes and went to sleep!  Angela heard a dragging noise in there on several occasions during the night.

Jeanette returned to the Tapestry Room with Angela, then Carl went alone next door.  All were sleeping and then Mick experienced someone/something touching his ear, stroking the lobe – He was on the bed at this time!

Angela heard a woman’s voice just after the “ear incident” Angela was also on the bed at this time.  Angela left to join Carl next door and heard banging and a door being shut.  Meanwhile in the Tapestry Room, Jane woke up having heard 7am chime and feels she heard the soft whimper of a baby for a very short time – a contented baby, not in pain/distress.  Such a short sound, it could have been anything.

Orbs! Lots of photos taken, orbs appearing in right corner constantly above paintings by window.  Greg saw orb left hand side of window.  Angela saw orbs above tapestry by bed.

All in all enjoyable stay and fairly quiet (outside of the above) Clearly activity centered around bed and the corner to the right of the window.

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