Ghost Sit 10th October 2004

Ghost Sit 10th October 2004

A few creaky doors, a moving chair and a toilet brush in the middle of the bathroom floor- but still the most disturbing thing was Ian’s snoring.  Tom didn’t respond despite us calling him.  He didn’t rise to the challenge though.  Beautiful grounds, good breakfast and a great time.  Thanks, Christian.

When we arrived I felt very uncomfortable in the downstairs panelled room, very cold and uneasy.  At about 2 in the morning I heard what seemed to be a chain saw cutting down trees – but it turned out to be Ian snoring….I did smell something very unpleasant at 4.30am that went as soon as it came, like somebody switching off a light.  Finally I thought Catherine was stood by my head, but she was lying down like everyone else.  Very exciting!  And great breakfast.  Thanks, Lindsay.

Fantastic tour – no scary feelings about the Castle apart from the Henry VI bedroom – glad I didn’t stop in there.  My central locking and window won’t work on my car – will let you know if any they work again once I’m home.  Stopping in the Tapestry Room feet giggly all night – the toilet brush ended up being in the middle of the room.  All in all a fab experience, Peter was ace and Eileen you were spot on!!  Will be back – Sharon.

Lovely tour, once in the room and the pro-plus kicked in.  I felt definite cold right arm and the rest of me was warm.  I sat directly opposite fireplace with back to mother of pearl chest of drawers. Definite sudden cold wafted past.  Eileen was scarily spot on and now after my lovely breakfast I’m off home to bed – great experience.  Rachael.

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