Enjoyed the tour with Peter.  Whilst on tour Sandra felt tingling by the big yew tree.  Dawn had tingling hands by summer house.  In billiard room Dawn had twitching fingers.  Biggest scream was Sandra with a huge spider in the bath.  Brave Peter rescued us.  Approx 12 midnight shadows seen walking past door.  1 am Dawn and Ellie heard a high pitch screech in room.  At 2.30 am Danielle and Fiona in dressing room when the door to the corridor slammed shut, but did not create a draft on the tapestries.  Throughout the night in dressing room lights and doors closing/on off whilst no-one in room.  At 3am we left Tapestry Door open and turned lights off.  Karen was sat on floor in front of the green chair when she got a cold chill at back of her head then went down her back, then felt sick and could not breathe like a panic attack.  Tried to get her out of the room but she fought 3 of us off and screamed don’t let me near the door.  We put lights on and as soon as we shut the door she could instantly breathe again.  She felt it was the young Margaret and that she was on the bed and was terrified of what was coming through the door!  Fiona was sat on the floor by the bed and on several occasions her right arm went freezing cold. Had usual bangs and bumps in the middle of the night.  Definitely felt the dressing room had a stranger feeling then the tapestry room.  All in all a fantastic night.  Thanks.