Excellent tour of the grounds and castle, really set the scene nicely!  Thank you Jonathan for your kindness and hospitality.

We began our vigil at approx quarter past midnight after doing our baseline test (EMF, draughts etc. temperature readings) We caught a number of orbs around the bed and canopy and around the picture by the window.  We also caught one large orb on digital video camera, moving from left to right.  For the rest of the evening we set the camera up on the chest of drawers, focused on the bed, and will check for further orbs when we get home.  The actual temperature did not really change significantly however we all felt rather icy draughts at times, in places where earlier there was none.  Also forgot to mention that on first entering the room I smelt a quite pungent smell of something not dissimilar to coal tar cough mixture, this faded away as I forgot about it until about 5am approx it returned again – no-one else in the room at the time smelt it.  Kristopher also noticed a dulling of the light in the fireplace, it did not flicker at all just kind of faded and then grew brighter.  Nothing more happened until after we fell asleep and myself and Stephen were awoken by two/three fairly loud distinct footsteps in the corridor near the tapestry room floor.  We both heard a door handle turn.  I got up to check if anyone was there – no one was and all doors remained closed.

He had a fantastic time and felt quite privileged to have had the opportunity to stay in such a wonderful atmospheric place.