Ghost Sit 12th June 2004

Ghost Sit 12th June 2004

Clare – Excellent experience although fairly quiet.  No-one ended up staying on the bed as after a while ended up very cold.  All night the temperature constantly changed from normal to icy cold.  Cold waves seemed to move round the room and brush passed you.  One light anomaly was seen going across the big picture in the corner.  A few bumps, scratches were heard.  Also we heard either flute type music or humming – it didn’t last long and was at about 5 am-ish.  One member also felt someone pat her on the leg.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and didn’t feel any negative energy in the tapestry room – in fact it felt really calm.  Thank you.

Jenny – Excellent night!  Very cold at times and a few strange noises but actually slept OK!

Gemma – Quiet night.  Could hear a few noises in middle of night and room went very cold on occasions, especially on left hand side of bed!!!  Managed to sleep OK.  Quite peaceful really.  Thanks.

Helen – Lots of temp changes, going from warm to a cold draft.   I thought someone or thing touched my leg, but could have a nerve in my leg.  The whole night I didn’t feel frightening it was a calm room.  I have really enjoyed the tour and the nights stay thank you.

Danielle:  Nothing much happened tonight a few bumps and bangs but nothing special.  Really enjoyed the stay.  Thanks.

Jonathan:  Not much that happened last night, the main was the constant change in temperature, more so on the bed where was so cold at one point had to get off.  Would definitely do again though!

Paul – A definite presence could be felt in the room, the room temp would suddenly drop as if an ice cold presence had entered the room and was moving around in amongst us.  Some of the Group felt cold down one side while others felt cold all over.  Could here scaping noises coming from fire and a noise that sounded like someone was playing a flute laid on the bed for 10 mins but got off after experiencing an eerie presense.  Apart from that it was quite a peaceful night.

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