Ghost Sit 12th March 2005

Ghost Sit 12th March 2005

We arrived late due to wrong directions.  We were all very excited but weren’t sure what to expect.  We didn’t experience a great deal but what we did see/hear was enough to spook us.  Myself and Alex were the only ones brave enough to lay on the bed.  I experienced that I wasn’t alone and at one point couldn’t look over my right shoulder, felt a presence and the bed felt like someone was turning over.

Half of the group fell asleep and the four that stayed awake felt the room go cold and could see a shadow walking round the room.

We hear the 2 am chimes and the 4 am chimes but no one heard the 3 am.

At approx 6 am we heard the door handle rattle.  I myself was the only one who,  when we first arrived and entered the main room, could see a woman’s face in the small glass window.

At the end of the day it was an experience we all enjoyed and all the staff were very friendly.

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