Ghost Sit 13th June 2014

Ghost Sit 13th June 2014

11:53 pm      – Room felt colder suddenly.  Rachel heard noises in the other room, something moving on the right of the bed.

 12:34 am      –   Annette heard something like a moth crossing the wall above the large tapestry.  No one else saw it and no moth found.

12:41 am      –   Beeping sound, either coming from the radio or the cupboard behind.  Sound was continuous to start with, then became intermittent.  It went on for about a minute.

12:54 am      –  Rachel heard things outside the door.

02:50 am      –  Bang in the region of the toilet.

3:02 am        –  Annette hears chip noise.

3:58 am        – Turned off lights to experience the room in darkness.  Only light was from the door which was ajar.  After about 10 minutes, the light through the door dimmed noticeably for a moment as if someone had passed through the doorway then moved on.  No one else was awake at that point.  It was enough to make me put the lights back on!

Other than that, the night was peaceful and we found we all slept quite well!

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