Ghost SIt 15th/ 16th March 2008

Ghost SIt 15th/ 16th March 2008

Spooky Wooky!!!

Well – we sat in the dark trying to make some form of contact with any spirits that may have been lingering around. At first we were all joking and not taking things very seriously, and then a couple of us started to experience the sensation of being touched. At one point one of us was poked in the leg whilst sitting on a chair on the right hand side of the fire place which was extremely unnerving. Then everyone but one person fell asleep – big mistake! Everyone was alarmed when the same person who had previously been poked (and managed to stay awake) was touched twice on the right hand side of the body. There was also an extreme drop in temperature on this side – not very pleasant to experience in an already freezing room. Noises were heard many times, the bathroom light which we had left on somehow managed to turn itself off – at this point we decided to place a tape in the hallway. Upon listening to a playback of the tape we clearly heard – albeit faint – singing….

Most of the group have left still not believing anything supernatural took place, although the night was very interesting and a few of us had very strange things happen. If you’re on your Ghost Sit and reading this – then listen carefully you may hear something of feel something you hadn’t expected!!! And it’s a long time until morning so take care. Also loads of photos with orbs in – so watch this space…….

P.S. forgot to mention one member of our group had their ear blown into!!!

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