Ghost Sit 15th December 2012

Ghost Sit 15th December 2012

We arrived at Muncaster to start our vigil at 9 pm.  After the tour of grounds and castle we settled down in the Tapestry Room at midnight.  We set up video cameras and sat quietly.  At 12.15 one of the video cameras switched itself off and the battery showed flat.  Both cameras had fresh batteries but appeared to drain quickly. 

1.30 phone lit up when lights were switched off.

1.35 phone lit up again.

Don’t know why as no message to make it do this.  We tried to talk to Margaret and Tom but they didn’t want to play.  We settled down at about 3am with Lisa and Judy being the 2 last awake.  Sue was very brave and slept in the bed and I have to say she slept like a baby!  Jeff stayed in the blue room all on his own but there again Jeff can sleep anywhere.

Tom and Cheryl, well we let them have the floor all to themselves and both slept peacefully except waking up freezing and Tom with a bad back, the cold was strange because the rest of us where lovely and warm.  Gill slept on a chair and was woken up through the night with a tingling sensation down her leg – however she was too scared too investigate further and hid under her sleeping bag.

We had the same problem as encountered 10 years ago – all the cameras, video recorders kept failing.  No visits from Margaret or Tom, unfortunately, but the excitement of them possibly showing kept us going.

Its now 7 am and even though its still very dark outside the atmosphere in the two rooms has lifted and we’ve all had a really good, fun night.

Once again, thank you to Peter for his hospitality and Lisa has told him a story of what happened when we did an investigation with Jason previously that you never knew – he may be telling future ghost hunters.

We also had an EMF machine – it stayed steady away for sometime on 1 then fluctuated up to 2, when Lisa and Cheryl were talking to Margaret.  It seemed to raise rapidly and went up to 20 then 30.  Once through the night it all went up to 40 for no apparent reason (the readings are milligauss) so the room fluctuated rapidly from 1 right up to 40 but as we all settled down it remained at 30 for most of the night.

It’s now home time so once again thanks very much.  We’ve only ever been in the winter and will try and do a further ghost sit in the summer.

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