Ghost Sit 17th May 2013

Ghost Sit 17th May 2013

Great tour and stories last night.  The Tapestry Room actually had a really nice feeling to it, it was the room next door that felt slightly more eerie.

Fell asleep on the bed shortly after 3 am, and woke up to the clock going.  I heard a noise and Sue sat up bolt right saying, “I think I’ve just heard a child?”  I personally think it could have been someone’s stomach.  The girls were scarier than any spirits that may have been in the room! 

Sat out with Tom on the landing for a while.  Great time had – thank you for seeing / staying in a beautiful building with a personal touch.  Val & (I didn’t shriek, Zoe!). 

After a lovely tour of gardens and house, we settled down in the Tapestry Room.  Four of us in front of the fire and I on the bed.  We were all pretty “high” and would shriek at slighted thing.  We took many photo’s through the night and saw plenty of orbs.  As we started to drop off to sleep at various times through the night we heard creaking over by the wardrobe.  I also felt that something beside my face with either saying something or a vibration.  In the morning whilst stood by the bed, I suddenly felt the air around me go really cold yet, the girls on the floor were all okay.  The air soon returned to normal.  What a fabulous experience in a very beautiful castle.  Thank you.

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