Ghost Sit 18th July 2013

Ghost Sit 18th July 2013

The tour given by Murray was great, stories really interesting.  During the tour two of the group felt strange sensations in the Kings Room.

Ian described it as a vibration in the floor and a real sensation through his body.  Stu went over and experience the same vibrations.  Ian then felt someone flick his head.

After the tour was over we went to the rooms.  Sue and I made tea for everyone in the room at the side of the Tapestry Room.  I tried the bed and then invited Sue to try it as it was so hard.  I sat on the chair and observed as she laid down her body started to sink into the bed.  She didn’t like it but couldn’t get up.  I helped her off and she kept saying “What’s happening to me head”.  There was nothing but she said it was vibrating and pulling from her neck.

 In the Tapestry Room we all felt that there was something in the room.  We heard knocks and bumps.  Two of us felt a fuzzy static feeling in our legs – we were both sat in the chairs by the window.  I was sat in the chair by the fireplace and saw a man hanging from the corner of the bed.  Also by the door was a little girl with her head down, wearing a white dress.

Many thanks for a good night.

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