Ghost Sit 19th August 2005

Ghost Sit 19th August 2005

All started with an excellent tour to set the scene with Murray our tour guide. Very spooky stories! Once in the Tapestry room, no ghosts seen, but things did happen.

Firstly, everyone was really really hot. Nina sat on the bed for a while only to start feeling really sick and ill. Once off the bed, felt absolutely fine again.

Later on Christine, Gemma and Nina heard a noise like scratching coming from by the door.

At around 1.30am Sarah was just dozing off when she felt something/ someone grab her hair and tug it backwards.

Screaming noise heard from outside the window.

A heavy thud on the door heard by Margaret.

Donna all night (who slept on the bed) kept going hot to freezing to cold and had intermittent feelings of nausea.

Gemma felt someone stroke her hand.

At around 5am a really loud bang was heard by the fireplace, everyone heard it and we could not find an explanation as to what it was.

Teryll (also in the bed) kept waking and sitting up sharply really unsettled.

A really good night. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Breakfast was great too!

Thank you for having us.

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