Ghost Sit 21st June 2014

Ghost Sit 21st June 2014

Six of us arrived – we were welcomed into the blue room and Tapesty Room.

The suitcase placed by the door in the blue room, went to retrieve the case it had moved to the side of the unit in the blue room.

We all got into our sleeping bags.

Dad slept on the bed, slept soundly.

We did see orbs under the bed.

Marc asleep in the chair very aware of the temperature fluctuations in the room.

Overall we all had a fun experience and slept really well.

Just a note – the Castle grounds and staff – made this a truly enjoyable experience.

Not forgetting the strange lights in the hall.  Our photos had “lens flare” but all the lights were off!  Also heard strange noises at around 2 am in the fireplace.

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