Ghost Sit 23rd April 2004

Ghost Sit 23rd April 2004

Fairly quiet night, however Hayley felt sick during the night without explanation.

Joanne had headaches when she entered the Tapestry Room but they went when she left.  She also felt emotional during the night which made her cry!  It was a feeling of a mother’s sadness/loss!  She also had a stroking feeling down her forehead.

Michelle Smith heard noises and also kept going hot and cold – voices were also heard twice.

Karen who is normally cold was very hot in the Tapestry Room – she describes her feet as having hot pokers on them – this was in the bed in the Tapestry Room.

Lynn never felt anything!

Alison heard a bang in the night!

Tracy heard the door handle going on the Tapestry Room twice during the night.  She also heard voices – but this could have been the radio – this was about 5.00am.

Michelle Vernon was going hot and cold all night.  She also felt ice cold on her face whilst in the bed!

All enjoyed our stay very much – Peter was a good guide and made us feel welcome – very good at telling stories!  Advice for next visitors – bring a blow up mattress as the floor is uncomfortable!!!

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