Ghost Sit 23rd January 2015

Ghost Sit 23rd January 2015

Had a really good night.  We experienced a few bangs, and what sounded like chairs being dragged along the floor, at about 2 am.  A little bit later on, we heard our door bang (loud).  Really scary but good experience!

Thank you!

We arrived around 8 pm, and we were met by Murray – he did our tour.  To begin with we were all a bit sceptical whether or not the “Ghosts of Muncaster” were real!  Murray took us around the grounds telling us the legends of the happenings around the castle.  He was BRILLIANT! 

Once we settled down in the Tapestry Room one member of our group, Jordan was touched on the ear, and there was a huge difference in temperature.  We were all set up with thermals and sleeping bags.  We were pretty cosy and all of a sudden a gust of wind came out of nowhere. 

Nothing really happened until after midnight.  We were messing about knocking on the drawers to scare the lads, only things was when my Mum raised her hand to knock on the side something knocked for her.

Once we hit 2 am we were ready for sleeping and it sounded like furniture was being dragged around the room, a few of our group at this point were freezing icy cold.  After about 5 minutes it stopped.  I fell asleep in the Tapestry bed.  It was weird – your temperature would change instantly and then go back to normal.  We were all half asleep and there was a huge bang at our door.  We all woke up absolutely petrified.

All the staff at Muncaster are amazing and we have thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

We will definitely be back.

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