Ghost Sit 24th January 2006

Ghost Sit 24th January 2006

A bit of a rough start to the evening when everyone was settling in.  Blankets wouldn’t stay down,  Every time it would slide off as soon as someone tried to cover themselves.  This ended after a few minutes and everyone finally got comfortable, if not weirded out.

Cold air seemed to rush in from the fire place throughout the night except around 12.40am when suddenly very warm air came out and the fire place felt as if there was a fire in it, but none was visible.  Then the ghostly fire stopped with a very abrupt blast of frigid air.

No one expected the room to be so very dark.  Even with a light on, it did not seem to go far.  The flashlights wouldn’t reach the far side of the room.  We tried to shine it and the beam would not reach the opposite wall.

We all felt as if we were being watched with the lights off, some even thought they felt movements as if someone was walking around the room when we were all lying down.

I was awoken around 3.45am to the sound of a girl sobbing.  I listened for some time until one of the girls suddenly sat up and screamed then fell back to sleep.

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