Ghost Sit 25th June 2007

Ghost Sit 25th June 2007

A fantastic night! After the ghost tour we were all very on edge. Felt extremely uneasy in the tapestry room but stayed put anyway hoping to see something. Didn’t see anything as such but heard various noises which we couldn’t explain – possible footsteps / a man grunting / tapping. I couldn’t get comfortable in the bed and kept waking up suddenly. Had a feeling of being watched all night.

The most enjoyable, worst nights sleep I’ve ever had!!!

No ghosties seen! However Murrays stories were enough to get your imagination going. Cracking night, had a real good time.

May see you soon Tom!!


Went to sleep in front of the fireplace. Felt pressure on my legs all night. Bottom of my legs felt heavy and sore. Walked around the room with the compass and near the fireplace it went barmy. Smelt beef crisps all night.

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