Ghost Sit 25th November 2005

Ghost Sit 25th November 2005

During walk about castle when in room Phyllida used to sleep in – Lesley thought someone was walking behind her leaning away from the table nearest window at head of the bed:- Shuffling and walking noises.  1.20am Sheila lay on bed – almost immediately she described feeling that her heart was racing but that she did not feel scared.  1.55am – Michelle saw gold/small orb about 1ft to the right of the camera nad a little higher.

2.05am Sheila still on bed and fine

2.30am Sheila thought may have heard something but couldn’t describe what.

2.35am Sheila was lying on the bed, and felt something ‘sit’ very firmly on her feet, she was unable to move her legs. It did not feel like anyone holding her legs.

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