Ghost Sit 26th July 2006

Ghost Sit 26th July 2006

Wednesday 26th July 2006


We took a lot of photos using digital cameras and saw numerous ‘orbs’ in different positions in the photos.

At about 1.30 we heard 3 knocks from the corridor outside and all the group were in the room together.

Andy and 2 of the groups were reading Tom’s will when another member of the group crept up behind him and pulled his hair.  From this point on Andy became hysterical which spread to 2 other members of the group.  Only jelly babies could calm them down.

Steve experienced an episode of coldness when lying on the bed. There was a reflection on the wardrobe which when viewed through the camera looked like a child’s face with the mouth moving, we managed to get a photo of this.

Overall a very memorable experience – difficult to hear the “girl crying” because of Andy’s snoring!

It’s now 7.45am and we are waiting to go to breakfast and then a walk around the grounds.

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