We had a lovely visit – we enjoyed the tour around the grounds and the stories.

 Julie and I stayed in the Tapestry Room all night.  My video camera would not stay on – registered a flat battery – which had been fully charged the night before.  I put it on charge and we took lots of photos.  We will examine them on the computer later.  Set up the camera again.  Chas went to sleep in the room next door and Julie and I got comfortable on Tapestry Room bed – whilst still taking photos.  The video camera turned itself off again!  Very strange (and annoying – thanks Tom!).  At around 1.30 am we both heard a strange scratching noise coming from the near cupboard closest to the window.  It moved along the wall until it got to the door and then stopped.  After 2.00 am, I was unable to hear anything else due to snoring.  Thanks for a great stay.  If anything turns up on our few minutes of video or the digital photos we will be sure to pass it on.