Enjoyed the garden tour – “Darkest Muncaster” was very atmospheric.  Never ever thought we would be visiting a Church and graveyard late at night – this we did and enjoyed it – seeing the Celtic cross, one of the oldest yew trees on top of a burial mound.  A brilliant start to a great all-night experience.  As a group the overnight stay in the Tapestry Room was awesome.  With lights (orbs), temperature fluctuations, whispering and bangs keeping us all wide awake nearly all night.  Bruce earlier in the night made a disparaging remark about Tom and paid the price during a second séance held in the room.  He felt he was being pinned down with arms and legs wide also experienced being ‘disembowelled’ – we had to curtail this séance as he felt too unwell.  Afterwards he was drained.  Other members felt tingling, being touched and feeling of being watch.  Fantastic – Thanks.

NB A presence was felt in the room all the time emanating from the large picture of a lady on the window wall.  Carolyn got a name ‘Margaret’ – it was only verified next morning that it was indeed Margaret Pennington.