Ghost Sit 28th December 2008

Ghost Sit 28th December 2008

We started our stay with the tour and stories around the grounds guided by Murray.  He was a really nice bloke who told the stories as they were – seemingly without elaborating them.  Fiona saw an orb in the summer house.  While in the Guard Room, we heard a man’s voice shout “Ha!” very clearly.  All the group heard this.  Slightly afterwards the same thing happened again.  As we entered the Library one of the party held the door open for the person walking behind her.  No one was there yet she heard them walking behind her.

Tapestry Room – pretty quiet.  Séance – ouja board and other things failed to produce a response.  However, sounds of small explosions heard by all of us within a few minutes of each other and some odd weird sounds from chimney.  Digital recorder switched itself off, camcorder DVD ran for 90 minutes of recording despite capacity being 60.  Second DVD full after 15 minutes despite having been formatted.  Two of the group heard what sounded like voices in the next room but only for a second or two.  Also two of the group saw movement at the side of the bed.  A sort of movement like a flash.

When the doors was opened the same sensation was felt by the occupier of the bed – always in the peripheral vision.  Lots strange noises – known as snoring!!!

Great fun!

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