Ghost Sit 29th October 2010

Ghost Sit 29th October 2010

In the Tapestry Room on this cold wet & windy Friday night there was the group.

We all had a restless night (well apart from Paul who “had the best nights sleep”).  After settling down at around 12.30 am we were in for a treat of a night (didn’t help having a ouija board with us).  The young girl stood next to the door with her teddy bear did cause a stir with Johnny at around 2 am throughout the night.

We all heard the faint sound of a childs tricycle up and down the corridor.  Along with the beeping, Sonia did hear some noises and when replying she realised it wasn’t any of us.

Johnny spent most of the night studying the tapestries in great detail.  The pictures on the drawers also kept moving slightly throughout the night.  A glow stick flew around the room at around 5.00 am.

Earlier in the night whilst Paul & Mellor were out chatting to Tom Fool the door shut by itself – that was a little scary.

All in all an eventful night.

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