Ghost Sit 30th April 2005

Ghost Sit 30th April 2005

Strange events started with Nuala feeling a cold sensation like a finger poking her back as she walked away from the graveyard, on the tour. Peter had tried to open the gate to let us out of the graveyard, but found it wedged shut, which he said was unusual, so he took us out of the side entrance instead. He tried to open main graveyard gate from other side but couldn’t-which he repeated was really strange! Then inside the castle, Maries hen-night veil was tugged from behind as she went into dining room, but there was no one there. Peter was telling us about Tom Fool, as we tried to enter the drawing room, but found the door jammed from inside-which he said was really unusual. Peter showed us the Tapestry Room where we were going to spend the night. Nuala felt a heavy-tight chest as she entered the room. The rest of party felt OK in there. We got our sleeping bags out in the Tapestry Room to get ready for bed. Briony and Nat went into the adjoining room to use the bathroom and came back into Tapestry Room in a really nervous state saying camera was turning on and off and that the room had a horrible sensation. Nuala felt”hot” sensation on back when washing face in bathroom- was v. unsettling. Then we turned light off to read visitors book in dark (but all torches drained very quickly) and Natalie felt suddenly overwhelmingly sick (nauseas) no one else did. We read stories until all of us had fallen asleep. Julie was last to fall asleep, as just as she turned light out she heard a thud at the back of the door. This was about 3am. During the night Liza and Nat heard women talking, very quietly and just a few sentences. Nuala woke up in a hot sweat with her heart pounding and then just as she was falling asleep again she felt a sharp tug on her ponytail.

Various thuds and noises heard during the night. Alex felt something/one coming up close to her back and stroking her hair.

We all inexplicably woke up together at about 4. Nuala had lost one of her earrings while getting changed for bed and the earring was found outside by her car but there was no way it could have dropped from her at the time we were outside.

Altogether a fun night. Many thanks to Iona, Peter and Mad Eileen for an enjoyable stay.

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