Mostly uneventful, only problems were with our torch batteries, which were new and seemed to run out within an hour.  Our video camera switched itself off when on its own in the room adjacent to the Tapestry Room.  A strange light seen in the corner of the Tapestry Room when we shone Linda’s torch into the corner. Cath’s torch went out suddenly.  Rebecca and Linda heard some creaky floorboards.  We set up some trigger objects to be scientific, a book on paper in the corner and coins in flour by the bed.  Two compasses refused to work when placed on the bed.  Room temp and air pressure measured all night, nothing strange recorded.  Book and coins did not move.

General impression of the room were good, an inviting room where certain members of the team slept surprisingly well!  Everyone greatly enjoyed the tour of the gardens and the castle.  Muncaster is worth a visit with or without ghosts.