Turquoise room 00.16 a shadow was seen rapidly moving across the reflection of the mirror. Excellent Vigil. Look forward to the next.

Sitting in the tapestry room and the door suddenly rattled for the 2nd time that night at 2.26am. It was as though the handle was rattled as some one was trying to get in. Whilst I was sitting on the bed a feeling of nausea came over me. When I was sitting in the Great Hall I felt someone gently move my hair on the back of my head. Beautiful home and will plan to return. Tapestry  Room door rattled as though someone had got hold of it on the other side at 1.30ish.  I was lying o the bed at he time but the room felt quite comfortable and not threatening.  I was convinced it was a team member outside of the room till we checked and there was no one around. Interesting that the same thing happened again to another team in the dame hour!