Ghost Sit 3rd December 2004

Ghost Sit 3rd December 2004

We all arrived – mainly believers.  Great tour round by Peter.  Very interesting.  Several spine tingling stories.  Paula and myself went into Tapestry Room shortly after settling around 1am.  Got some fantastic orbs on the digicom, but generally all was quiet.

A little later we all adjourned to Tapestry Room again.  Very peaceful.  I had strange sensation of my hair being touched and played with.  Also an odd smell was following me around – though could easily have been Jen!  (Concluded it was furniture)

At 4am approx, we settled to sleep.  Myself, Paula and Jen in the Tapestry Room, the rest next door.  Listened to tape recorder – some strange tapping and maybe footsteps!

All got to sleep pretty easily, not sure about a few bangs around 5am.  Felt my knee being tickled around 6am too!

Altogether a fantastic stay, with fabulous hospitality. Great breakfast.

I felt my hair being touched and after a while my cheek was also touched.  I became quite poorly while sat on the bed in the Tapestry Room but I was fine once I sat somewhere else. – Jen

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