Ghost Sit 3rd June 2010

Ghost Sit 3rd June 2010

Group of 8 ladies slept in the tapestry room.  Although no sightings a few sensations were felt.  5 of us slept in front of the fire and the lady on the end felt pressure on her back at around 4 am.

We decided to turn out the lights and one lady asked Tom Fool to make a sign and let us know he was here.  The lady in question then had a racing heart and felt panicky.

Several ladies felt the feeling of going cold all of a sudden (while others in the room stayed warm!).

One lady filmed on her phone and at the end of the recording an exhale of breath can be heard.  The breath was clearly none of ours.

The batteries on our devices drained whilst in the room and the camera which was filming with full battery suddenly turned itself off.

Overall a very exciting night.

Murray was a great tour guide and scared us with his “tricks”.

Thank you for a great time.

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