Ghost Sit 3rd October 2015

Ghost Sit 3rd October 2015

Arrived at 9 pm and were given the tour by Murray who was excellent.  Watch out for the great story about his hand  (well, not great for him).

 Saw some amazing stars in the sky (never see that in the city).  The Castle is fascinating and beautiful.  We settled in about 10.30 pm and tried to make contact with some spirits using a spirit board – nearly got it going but not quite.  After a few EVP’s and torch work we all decided to go to sleep about 1 am – 1.30 am.  Slept pretty well (all in the Tapestry Room –two in the bed). 

Woke around 6 am by Amy hearing the door handle rattle (others heard it as well earlier in the night).  Five of us convoyed to the toilet in fear then got back into bed listening for more sounds.  Fell back asleep to be woken by Peter – oops, we must have been tired. 

Now for breakfast and our five hour drive home.

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